Friday, July 8, 2011

Google Plus One (+1) Launched for Websites

Google Plus One has now been released for websites. Webmasters can now easily add +1 on their websites.

If you’re not already aware of Google Plus One, it is basically implemented by Google to bring in social features and influence to search results. +1 for websites will allow readers to flag up interesting content which are than promoted in the future search results of their Google contacts.

+1 is Google’s answer to the “Facebook Like” button. In one way both +1 and Facebook Like button are alike as the buttons lets you recommend web pages easily to your friends as well as everyone in this world.

+1 will also be now showing up at YouTube, the Android Market, Blogger and in Product Search. You’re obviously required to be signed into your Google account and have some linked friends to see their recommendations. Plus One is still an experimental feature, so you’ll need to enroll first, if you haven’t yet.

When +1 launched back in March end, we covered about what it is, how it works and explained to you its advantages through this article.

The button can easily be implemented on any website by simply visiting the +1 webmasters page. Webmasters can add +1 buttons to their site by adding a small snippet of JavaScript to every page where they like the +1 button to appear.

If you cannot find +1 button on your favorite site but still wants to +1 it, help is at hand. One of India’s most prominent and reputed blogger, Amit Agarwal on his blog, Digital Inspiration, has shown how to use Plus One bookmarklet to +1 those sites.

Since January 2010, the search giant have been using public data from social services, such as Twitter and Flickr, as signals in organic search rankings. Now through the use of +1′s, the search giant has signaled more social influence in organic search results.

What do you think of Google Plus One? Will it change the way you search today? Should Facebook be worried about +1?

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